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What you need to know about the New England real estate and lending market.

Starter Home vs Forever Home

June 04, 2018

First time homebuyers have a lot to consider, and one of the biggest decisions they need to make is:

Do you purchase a starter home to get into the real estate market even before you can afford the style of house you ultimately want to be in, or should you focus on finding a forever home where you can stay long term even if it means stretching your budget, or wait longer?

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An Introduction to Mortgage Loans

May 28, 2018

Mortgage loans are financial loans taken for real estate properties that the borrower has to repay with interest within a fixed period of time. A mortgage loan requires some sort of security for the lender. This security is called the collateral and in most cases, it is the real estate property itself for which the mortgage loan has been taken. Since the property itself is kept as the collateral, no further security is needed.

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Engaged vs Married:  Things to Consider When Co-Buying a House

May 21, 2018

The trend for engaged couples to purchase their first home together prior to saying I DO is becoming more and more popular.  Many couples make the decision to live together for a period of time before they marry, and the question of whether to rent or buy is something that should be given a lot of thought and careful consideration. 

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What factors to consider before purchasing a home?

May 14, 2018

Whether its your first home or you have gone down this road before, buying a home is a multi-faceted process.  Even before the decision was made to purchase a home, you would have weighed the pros and cons of being a homeowner.  You took the time to analyze your finances and determined how much you are able to afford while still maintain your other obligations.

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What is Massachusetts Homestead Protection?

May 07, 2018

The Massachusetts Homestead Protection Act is a law put in place to shield Massachusetts homeowners from having creditors auction off your home to pay off unsecured debt.   The purchase of a home is likely the single biggest investment most of us will ever make.  This protection will prevent creditors from putting a lien on your home should you find yourself in financial trouble.  Should you have an accident or incur unexpected medical costs, the homestead protection will allow you to keep your home and will keep the debt collectors at bay.

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