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Staying Cool in the Summer Without the Use of Air Conditioning


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Staying Cool in the Summer Without the Use of Air Conditioning

July 13, 2020

As spring turns into summer and the temperatures start to rise, many people start to use their central air or air conditioning units to cool things down in their homes.  However, there are times when you might find yourself without that option.  Perhaps your home isn’t equipped with central air, or maybe you have an air conditioner in one or two rooms, but not others... or perhaps you are just trying to save some money by finding ways to stay comfortable without adding the expense of running your air conditioning.  Below we provide some tips to help you stay cool in the summer without the help of air conditioning in your own home, while camping and even while traveling.

Let’s begin with trying to prevent the temperatures from rising too much in your home in the first place.  With the sun shining and the temperatures rising, a fairly simple thing you can do is use shades or sun blocking curtains to keep the sunshine from turning your home into a sauna during those heat waves.  Consider investing in blackout curtains in those rooms that get the most sunlight.  They will assist in keeping the sun out and also help to insulate the area.dreamstime_s_161618264

Most people think about the importance of insulation in the winter; however, it is just as important to consider your insulation in the summer in order to prevent the cool air you are trying to keep in from escaping.  You also want to be sure to caulk any spaces in your window and door frames to prevent warm air from creeping in and cooler air from creeping out.

Use your ceiling fan in the counter-clockwise setting to create a cool breeze.  While it won’t change the temperature in the room, it will help to make you feel cooler and more refreshed.

Utilize the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom to draw the warmer air out.

Shut doors to rooms that are not being used.  This well help to keep the cooler air from your fans or air conditioning from traveling into rooms where it is not needed, making your fans/air conditioning work more efficiently.

Once the temperatures start to drop a bit in the evening, consider opening your windows for cool, fresh air.  But be sure to close them again in the morning before the temperature start to climb back up!

Opt for chilled meals, such as salads or sandwiches.  If you choose to cook, start up the grill and forgo heating up the kitchen by using your stove or over.

Replace standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.  The CFLs will not only help to save money on your electric bill, but they emit less heat.

Take a cool bath or shower to lower your body temp.  You can also soak your feet at night in cool water, or use cold, wet towels on your wrists and back of neck.

We all know heat rises, so if you find the temperature too warm and uncomfortable in your top floor bedroom at night, consider sleeping in a room on a lower level.

While there are sure to be many other tried and true methods of cooling down in the summer months without the use of air conditioning, the above tips are a good starting point for keep cool and comfortable as the dog days of summer creep in.







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