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Get Ready To Sell By De-cluttering Your Home

December 30, 2019

When you first start to consider selling your home, your faced with the realization that copious amounts of cleaning, organizing and packing are ahead of you.  Before you tackle those tasks, you should first commit to decluttering your home from top to bottom.  Take a good look around you.  Clutter often piles up without you even realizing it.  The papers on the kitchen table, books on the coffee table, knick-knacks on the shelves, mail on the countertop—everywhere you look, you’ll find things that don’t actually belong.  Here we review ways to start the daunting task of decluttering and find ways to stay clutter free!

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Minimizing the Risks of Injuries and Fatalities in Your Home

December 23, 2019

Being a homeowner means having responsibilities of all kinds.  Between daily chores, upkeep, maintenance and bill paying, homeowners have their hands and schedules full.  But on top of all of these daily responsibilities, and mostly importantly, we have to make sure our families are safe.  To do this, we need to be conscious of the hazards in our homes. 

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Preparing Your Home For The Winter

December 09, 2019

Though it seems as if we just put our summer things away and prepped for the fall, it is time to start looking ahead to the winter months and what they bring.  With colder air settling in and even colder nights heading our way, we want to make sure our houses, and families, are well prepared for the first frost and falling snowflakes.

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Strategies to Cut Down on Your Home Remodeling Costs

December 02, 2019

Remodeling your home can be fun and exciting, but it can also be very costly.  Whether you have savings built up for your remodel project or you recently got approved for a line of credit, the money you have earmarked for the project can dissipate very quickly if you’re not careful. 

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Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

November 11, 2019

When buying a new home, its safe to say that not many people specifically look for a small bathroom.  However, many buyers find themselves in the position where they have to work with what they have, and often times that might be a small bathroom.  While its often unreasonable to undergo a renovation to enlarge the bathroom, there are things you can do to make the bathroom you have appear larger.

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