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Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger


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Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

November 11, 2019

When buying a new home, its safe to say that not many people specifically look for a small bathroom.  However, many buyers find themselves in the position where they have to work with what they have, and often times that might be a small bathroom.  While its often unreasonable to undergo a renovation to enlarge the bathroom, there are things you can do to make the bathroom you have appear larger.

Start with your color choices.  To create an illusion of a larger space, be sure to stay away for dark or vibrant colors.  Instead, stick with softer colors, such as something in the white or neutral family.  If that is not your style, opt for a cool color such a very soft blue or green. 

If you do choose a white or light neutral color, consider painting the ceiling the same color as the walls.  The lack of contrast will help make the ceiling appear higher and room larger.bathroom dreamstime_xxl_56819593-2

Stay with the same concept for your flooring.  If you are in a position where you can or need to change your flooring, choose a neutral color to continue to open up the space.  If you are not replacing the floor, consider a large light-colored rug in the center of the bathroom if the space allows.

If using tile in your shower, extend the tile up to the ceiling.  Extending the tile will makes the walls looks higher than they actually are.

Aside from the colors you choose, the next biggest thing you can do to create a larger bathroom space is enhance your lighting.  While natural lighting is most often preferable, we do not always have the option to expend on our natural lighting without renovations being done.  Depending on how handy you are or how much you are looking to spend on enhancing your lighting, there are a couple of options to consider.  Replace the ceiling light with recessed lighting or with a light with multiple bulbs which will throw light in different directions, add wall sconces near your mirror or vanity or install an edge-lighted mirror.

If you can get away with not having the underneath storage and avoid using a standard vanity, opt for a pedestal sink instead.  Make use of a nearby closet or the linen closet to store extra towels and shampoo bottles.  Doing away with the full cabinet underneath open up the area and make that section of the bathroom look a bit more spacious.

Make smart use of mirrors to go the illusion of a much larger room.  Whether using a vanity or separate sink, hang a large mirror, one that reaches up towards the ceiling, to give the impression of more space.  If wall space allows, you could also hang a large mirror on a bare wall, preferable across from a window, to reflect light and again, provide the illusion of extra space.

Not able to hang a mirror on a bare wall?  Consider hanging a picture of an open window to create the illusion of looking outdoors.

Remove clutter.  Except for possibly a small candle or extra hand towel, remove all items off countertops and store them away out of sight, opening the area up even further.  

With a bit of strategic planning, anyone can make a rather small bathroom seem more spacious, without breaking the bank on renovations.

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