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What You Can Expect From Your Home Appraisal

June 14, 2021

If you are financing your new home, or refinancing your existing home, the appraisal is one of the key elements of the home buying and refinancing process.  If fact, it is impossible to be approved by a mortgage lender without an appraisal.  But what exactly is an appraisal?  The short answer is an appraisal reports the home’s value.  Below you will find out how to prepare for your appraisal, what happens during the appraisal, how long the appraisal will take and what to expect after it is complete.

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Understanding Commonly Used Mortgage Terminology

June 07, 2021


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Components of a Strong Purchase Offer

May 31, 2021

If you are in the process of looking at new homes, you want to be sure you know how to present a strong offer to the seller once you find the home you want. A strong offer could literally make or break a deal, especially in a hot market. Most real estate agents use a basic template when composing a purchase offer, therefore you are likely to find that the majority of purchase offers will include many of the component listed below.

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15 Year Mortgage, Pros and Cons

May 24, 2021

Once you have decided to join the ranks of homeowners, you need to decide what type of mortgage is right for you.  The most conventional choice for home loans is the 30-year mortgage.  The 30-year mortgage started to grow in popularity in the 1950s and quickly became the loan of choice.  While the 30-year mortgage is still the standard, the 15-year mortgage may be something to consider for new homeowners.

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Why Do I Need Title Insurance?

May 17, 2021

You have found your dream home and you are now speaking with you lender about all of the additional requirements and expenses that you are responsible for.  Along with inspections and permits, you find out that you need to pay for title insurance.  Many people then start to question if it is actually necessary or is it just an additional fee tucked into your piles of paperwork. 

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