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How To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen


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How To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen

August 18, 2020

Whether you’re renting an apartment or living in your own home, when you find yourself with a limited amount of living space, maximizing the available space is a priority.  Many families find the kitchen to be one of the more difficult rooms to work in with limited space.  Here we list some of the common, and not so common, ways to utilize the space you have to make your kitchen a bit more efficient.


  • Instead of using a standard knife block, use magnetic strips to hold your knives on the wall, or consider a built-in butcher block in a corner of your counter.
  • If you have space above your cabinets, add shelves for additional storage. Since the shelving will be higher and harder to reach, use this space to store items that you typically do not use as often, such as cake stands or holiday dishes.dreamstime_xxl_9717277
  • Cabinets often end up with a lot of unused spaced between the permanent shelves. Add an additional shelf to keep your plates or other items organized.  You can also add drawers to unused cabinet space providing extra hidden storage for smaller items that have a tendency to clutter up your counters, or even table linens that are used less frequently.
  • Utilize the space under shelves by attaching and hanging mason jars for food storage. The lid will stay in place; you just remove the jar when needed.  You can use these for storing cereal, spices, flour, sugar, etc.
  • If you have open wall space, consider adding a pegboard to hang larger utensils or shelving for pantry items. You can also keep notices and calendars here instead of hanging them on the refrigerator.
  • The backside of cabinet doors can also be used to hang and organize smaller utensils or measuring spoons and cups, as well as cleaning products. Attach hooks, magnetic strips or small hanging baskets depending on the amount of space available.
  • If you have limited cabinet space and find yourself running out of room for your pots and pans, install a hanging rack from the ceiling instead. Your pots and pans will still be within easy reach while doing away with the crowding and clutter inside the cabinet.  Unable to install a rack on your ceiling?  Place hooks on the outside of cabinets or walls to hang your pots and pans instead.
  • Extra wall or outside cabinet space over your sink area? Get rid of your fruit bowl and free up counter space by adding smaller shelves or multi-level wire baskets to store your fruit and vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated. These can also be used to hold potholders, sponges and dish detergent.
  • Have a narrow, unused space between you wall and fridge? Install a pullout storage unit built to store cans instead of taking up valuable space in cabinets or your pantry.
  • If you find yourself with limited space to fit a table and chairs, build a bench that can be used for seating but can also be used for storage.
  • Sliding wall baskets are stylish but also functional. You can purchase a rail or tension rod to hook the baskets to and use them to hold jars, coffee mugs or any number of pantry items.
  • Keep and reuse plastic grocery bags as small trash bags. To store them neatly, keep them in an empty wipe container for easy access without the clutter.
  • Trash bag boxes take up a lot of space in the cabinets or pantry. Get rid of the box and hang the roll of bags on paper towel holders under your sink instead.


Lack of space, especially in the kitchen, can be frustrating.  Maximize your available space with these kitchen hacks to make life a bit easier and keep your kitchen less cluttered and more functional.







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