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Tips to Prep Your Home for the Warmer Months

April 05, 2021

As the warmer weather creeps in, we all start thinking about vacation days, beach trips and long summer nights.  Besides all of the fun-in-the-sun things that are on all of our minds, we should also consider ways to get our homes ready for the warmer weather.  A little bit of preparation can save headaches and money later.  Consider following the below tips to be sure you are prepared.

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Keeping Your Home Safe While You Are Away

January 04, 2021

Planning a trip can be very exciting, but there is always a lot to consider and a lot to do in preparation.  Whether it’s a work-related trip or an adventure with your family, you spend time figuring out all of the details to make sure you and your family arrive safely and enjoy your time away.  But one thing many people do not spend enough time planning is how to keep their home safe while they are gone.  Below we highlight ways to protect your home so as not to come home to a very unpleasant surprise.

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Creating an Efficient Home Office Space

September 22, 2020

With the world and the workforce changing so quickly, many employees are now finding themselves in the unique position of suddenly working from home.  While the pandemic might have brought us to this unique and difficult time, employers are finding that in many cases, having their employees work from home can be beneficial and more cost effective for the employer and employee.  However, in order to effectively work from home, it’s up to the employee to create a space that actually works for them.  A space that is dedicated to work without the interruptions of home and family.  Here are ways to make a successful office space in your home that is efficient yet comfortable.

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Ways To Cut Down On Exterior Home Maintenance

August 03, 2020

Homeowners have less and less time to worry about the upkeep of their home, especially some of the larger, more time consuming, labor intensive, expensive jobs.  Here we outline options to consider that are low-maintenance and durable when you are facing your next upgrade or repair.

ROOFING:  Rethink your roof.  This day and age, we have a lot more roofing choices than just the traditional asphalt shingle roofs.  If you are looking to stay with asphalt shingles, consider upgrading to the newer asphalt shingles with double thick tabs made with weather grade asphalt between the layers.

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Simple Summer Gardening Tips

July 20, 2020

As our gardens spring back to life with the warmer weather of Spring and Summer, a new excitement emerges.  We look forward to getting outside and tending to, or maybe even expanding, our gardens with new flower and vegetable plants.  But as the temperatures climb even higher, your garden needs a bit more attention.  Between your plants and soil drying out in the high temps, overgrowth, weeds and damaging bugs, you will need a plan to keep your gardens looking fresh and healthy without spending long, hot hours doing manual labor.

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