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Staying Cool in the Summer Without the Use of Air Conditioning

July 13, 2020

As spring turns into summer and the temperatures start to rise, many people start to use their central air or air conditioning units to cool things down in their homes.  However, there are times when you might find yourself without that option.  Perhaps your home isn’t equipped with central air, or maybe you have an air conditioner in one or two rooms, but not others... or perhaps you are just trying to save some money by finding ways to stay comfortable without adding the expense of running your air conditioning.  Below we provide some tips to help you stay cool in the summer without the help of air conditioning in your own home, while camping and even while traveling.

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Save Money on Your Electric Bills During the Summer Months

July 06, 2020

Summertime is often a time we see an unwelcome spike in our energy costs. Between air conditioning, fans, and pool filters running all day, we find ourselves looking for ways to cut our electric bills as much as possible. By adjusting our behaviors and making a few relatively simple and inexpensive changes, we can bring those electric bills down to a more reasonable amount.

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Starting a New Garden From Scratch

June 29, 2020

Whether you moved into a new home or you’re just ready to begin a new project, starting a new garden can be a very satisfying endeavor, from start to finish.  With a bit of planning and hard work, the benefits will provide satisfaction and excitement for years to come.

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Why You Should Wait Before You Renovate

September 09, 2019

You have gone through all the steps to purchase your new home, which can be a grueling process.  From finding a home you love, to securing financing, to enduring inspections and negotiations, to surviving the closing… you have gone through this process pondering ways to make the home “yours”.  Since it is unlikely you have purchased the perfect home, which needs no upgrades, improvements, or finishing touches, you have likely made a laundry list of tasks to tackle when you move in.  But instead of jumping in and tearing things apart, take a break and wait to renovate.

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How to Keep Your House and Life Organized During the Summer Months

August 19, 2019

Whoever coined the phrase “lazy days of summer” didn’t have a full house-hold of family members on the go.  Whether you are a stay at home parent or you work full time, we all seem to have high hopes and expectations for our summer plans and projects.  We assume that since the kids are out of school, we will automatically have more time get things done while planning our summer away.  But how many times do you find yourself in the complete opposite scenario?  Between juggling daycare, camp, play dates, and appointments with scheduled day trips to the beach, camping, vacations, we find our time dwindling and there’s even less time for the day to day things we need to get done.

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